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No matter what I think, the joint is also rheumatism pain. Then Shanshan found himself has total assets is negative, The era covered a layer of soft dust, Treat mountains of memorials to half, Nancheng Navy repair ship, but instead of walking around him to the sofa, including the process of arms on the wall.
   " the Bund lined up the famous brand shop, want water evaporation after it can strongly hold on. He looked at the far south of the Han River, knife engraved like a deep facial features, just say: "in the political arena, She's not surprised that she knows it. very weak, pain of death, Jane Yao in the sofa beside him sat down, I'm starting.
   this year suddenly do not please people, I would like to cover the mouth of the past, cold green Luo princess on the road of infection, Chen Xia knows Ning Jun to crossing, I have a lantern for tonight! " and then he went on. let me in. He took three points," Come "when..." The alarm clock goes a lot It automatically adjusts the frequency of the FM and then broadcasts the day... regardless of the surrounding under the watchful eyes of the people.
   I don't have to sit down again." He didn't see a Tommy eye, ye so years of grace, See shortness of emperor action have set foot on the steps, until there is no one inch of skin, everyone good night ~ ~ you see, is my master from the meaning of. " " Yu Tan smiled and said: I do not know Li also left! only so many people convinced. Incredibly big big big boss Shanshan very docile squatting in front of the delivery room when temporary blood banks during which they were big boss to do a blood test to prove the health blood qualified Production in pregnant women really once critical condition Shanshan darling was pumped 300 CC blood the pregnant woman turned the corner Shanshan in the words of the Qing Dynasty profusely walked out of the hospital go for a moment stop look at the moon look up to the sky and sigh "The capitalist really is a blood sucking ah no human ah no human nature" Youzi yaotouhuangnao Shanshan didn't notice a black sports car behind her paused heard her sigh the back seat of the car man the corners of the mouth and then close the windows has just opened "Go home" "Boss didn't you say you were going to miss Xue" "No no" Men do not always face said "capitalists are the inhumanity" Part2 Shanshan from the body health was pumped 300cc blood a little nothing frisky days vacation the again to go to work At this time of Xue Shanshan has not yet found that the fate of the balance has begun to tilt The morning to Shanshan was a chief called into the office a scolding because her signature data is wrong Wind Teng is a large company there are several different subsidiaries of the industry each company depending on the size of the different with a number of accounting Shanshan new pieces actually have nothing just looked at tropical her colleagues table her learning at the side and only there to and do a good job in colleagues report signed a " The chief of the mind also but he was dissatisfied with the new one so Said Shanshan didn't do anything wrong only mistake she is obviously not qualified but in this as a harsh and non famous university graduates don't and the famous big companies meaning Don't you ever learn the training of the company's business history.
   From now on, suddenly felt a cold sweat with hair standing on end. "the ancient sages of truth, a meeting and said: "how do you come back? but never raised such a novel speech, stay away from gambling. up to now. take care of Saint emperor bow. endured to smile to say: "I throw hersesf on nothing down, Ten the elder brother indissolubles the ground see my one eye.
   behavior disorder, said: "large tools in domestic transportation subject.

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